The Underground Meme Market (MMMRKT) is a non-profit organization which brings you the latest news about the meme trade and offers a platform of exchange for the most valuable of memes.

We are also Rarepepe™ approved.


I am in the meme business for almost 15 years now, and I must say, this site is absolutely dank.

Josh Wellington


12 thoughts on “About

  1. Tradesman here. Hi, i am the one and only rare pepe tradesman, I am well know in the pepe traiding business (especially on 4chan). You can tell who i am because I always start any post with “Tradesman here.”(if not upper case “T” and period at end, then its a fake!)

    I am here because really like your business and would like to discuss a new way of rating your pepes, I have been attempting to popularize one solid way of ranking pepes, by levels (lvl. For short). A standard pepe (sad frog, feels good man) would be a lvl.5, any pepe that is equal  to regular the pepe but has very little change (i.e. glasses, a hat, etc.) is 5, anything with more intricate changes added (i.e. color change, background, made to be a character) is a lvl.6 or 7, anything that takes editing to the pepe (like your 4D pepe) is 8, anything that is difficult to make and is made from scratch is 9 or 10 (like Peecasso gif)

    Anything that is worse quality than the regregular pepe is 4, anything that is drawn on paper badly then taken a picture of is 3 or 2, anything that is ment to be bad is 1

    Of coarse the rarity of the pepe, how easily it can be made, the effort of the art and other veriables would be put into deciding the pepes lvl.

    Sorry for the very long comment but i do take the pepe trading business seriously (maybe a little too seriously)

    Email me at pepe.tradesman@gmail.com if you would like to discuss this.


  2. This site indeed is a growing business opportunity for my rare pepe/ fresh memes firm. I will continue to come here regularly.



  3. Tradesman here. Hi how y’all doin back again i need some rare pepe’s i am about to get a ultimate rare pepe that only one person in the world has.


  4. Tradesman here.

    The guy with the new email is an IMPOSTER! My email is still, and always will be, pepe.tradesman@gmail.com (why would i change it to such a crappy name kek)

    Im extremely sorry for not going through with the bio i was supposed to make last year… If your still interested in working together or letting me join your crew of researchers im more than willing to comply


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