A new journey


Dear memetraders and colleagues,

It has been roughly three months since we asked for your help in finding out where 1440019580859this ancient Pepe originates from. We have not been idle either during this time. After collecting information from countless of experts and surveying anything that could possibly be helpful in solving this mystery, still much remains in the dark. We did however get some valuable intel from our contacts at the french national archives in Paris and were able to identify documents that mention a curious finding of a mysterious idol in the jungles of northern Madagascar by french expedition troops in 1895.


They supposedly followed a trade route across the island established by the Persians in the year 600 A.D. when they ventured off into the jungle, following a trail caused by the vegetation constantly trodden down, hoping to find water since they ran low on supplies. Instead of water they found ruins covered in vegetation, which upon closer inspection turned out to be a small temple. Needless to say, being thirsty and feeling the sun set while amidst a deep jungle, they did not pay much attention to it. Yet a lieutenant, one who later reported about the troop movement, was still curious enough to peek inside the forsaken temple and grab an idol that immediately caught his eye. In his report he wrote down:

“When I removed the vines that were blocking the entry into the stone temple, I glanced at an object located in an overgrown protrusion. It shimmered of vibrant colors that seemed to be covered by a thin layer of moss.”

he then adds this diffuse description a page later:

“After brief cleaning it looked like a frog carved out of an undefinable material, giving one the illusion of it being formed in different geometric shapes and colours.”

When reading these lines our contact in France was certain, that it was of relevance to us. And indeed it was. The properties he describes resemble the Pepe we are researching and even though the description is vague at best, it is intriguing.

Unfortunately this is all we have for now, the idol is not mentioned in the soldiers report any further and its whereabouts remain unknown. The lieutenant shows up as a casualty of a shipwreck, that occured shortly after the second french Madagascar exepdition. We can only speculate whether or not he had the idol with him at this point.

Anyways, we got our first clue. And given the sentiment our experts have expressed, they mostly agree with the conclusions we drew so far. This was enough for us to send out our team of archeologists, researchers and daredevils led by Dr. Dr. Philbert McTwaine to investigate. Starting point: Northern Madagascar.


Our team landed in Maroantsetra where they stocked up on supplies and hired locals to start an expedition into the part of the Masoala Reserve where the french soldier reported the finding. At this time, they are setting up camp in one of the outskirts of the reserve to plan the next steps in following the footprints of the french lieutenant.

We will update you as the expedition advances.



4 thoughts on “A new journey

  1. Tradesman here.

    Hello again, im pleased to see that your team is more than qualified in hunting rare pepes!

    I guess hypothesis about it being of European decent wasnt too far off…though i had no idea that it would have came from Madagascar

    Im currently reading up rare materials found in Madagascar…but i was wondering if you knew the location of that shipwreck? I so happen to have a friend that explores sunken ships as a hobby and he agreed to help me out.


  2. Robbie Nuggz here,

    Wow, I was really off when I suggested a pre-columbian South American origin.. Please don’t tell my professors at Dankford University. Stay safe in those jungles. I have a ranch bro who has over 9000 confirmed cod no scopes and does security work on the side, DM me on instagram and I’ll see if he can help your team out. contact me at bLAzE.it@mlggaming.net


  3. Greetings,

    Currently I am on a mission for my rare pepe/fresh memes investment firm. I am near the area and wondering if you fine men would need any help. I have many supplies as well as experience in hunting such pepes. I am a very useful asset if you need any help contact me.


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