A call for the crowd


Fellow memetraders,

there is this one unidentified Pepe that is sitting in our safe for over a year now. We initally assumed that it might be a Peekasso, because it was found in an abandonned city house in Paris, but upon further research it became clear that we had gotten our hands on something even more incredible (and that just shortly after accquiring the first confirmed 3rd Reich Pepe, what a summer). The Peekasso theories were to be disproven by scientifically analyzing the age of this Pepe resulting in a timeframe around 4000 BC. Some of our most renowned experts in the field, that we like to call in such cases, could not come up with a conclusive theory of its origin. However, we couldn’t possibly leave it there and not dig deeper, so we thought of something.

Given the fact that many well versed memetraders are visiting our market frequently, we agreed on giving it a chance, once again, and gather your knowledge to determine where we continue with researching this Pepe.

That’s right, you will help us decide where we will send our research team next.


This is the piece in question

Based on our belief in the wisdom of the crowd, we will adjust the first continent of our expedition, looking for evidence of this wonderful Pepes past. What we would like to know is, where on our blue planet this Pepe evolved 6000 Years ago.

Meanwhile, we will be assembling our research team, led by Dr. Dr. Philbert McTwaine to go out there and finally reveal what this Pepe is hiding from us.


Dr. Dr. Philbert McTwaine hunting mountain cougars

Thanks for lending us a hand.

Your MMMRKT Team


3 thoughts on “A call for the crowd

  1. I believe this is pre-columbian south-american pepe. Perhaps of Aztec or Olmec styling. Pepes were highly valued in the native culture, and captured warriors were sacrificed en masse to appease the great pepe above (which this is a clear depiction of). I am currently pursuing my doctorate of memeology at dankford university, and would like to help in any way possible: contact me at 420xNo_ScOpEx024@mlggaming.net


  2. Tradesman here.

    Not sure if you remember me but i specialize in pepe trading…

    Ive been studying this pepe since you mentioned it cause ive had a copy of my own a few years back before the pepe trading market crash…
    it seems as if it was made to look like stained glass which leads me to believe it has religious origin…

    I would suggest searching in locations that are known to be religious birth places such as Europe.

    My guess of where you may find the truth of its origin is in the Vatican archives


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