Evidence of Pepe in the 3rd Reich?


Dear memers, fellow traders,

we from MMMRKT would like to inform you that we were able to fetch an extremly rare Pepe on an auction in Amsterdam earlier this week.

The rarity of this particular piece stems from its origin.

It was found in a suitcase that belonged to a german officer of the Wehrmacht, who reportedly, just before getting captured by allied forces in the spring of 1945, executed a fleeing POW named Anatol Stuckowski.

Anatol Stuckowski had written a letter to a guy named Francis D. Blumenthal, which the allied soldiers who opened it first, interpreted as worthless. And on a first glance, it might very well have been dismissed as unimportant clutter amongst the valuables, such as the jewelry, that were also found in said suitcase. Fortunately, one of the soldiers examined the letter more thoroughly and noticed that the stamp looked nothing like the ones he had seen quite a few times before, so he kept the letter and a few years later sold it to a collector.

Upon closer inspection through experts, the authenticity of the stamp was verified. It is made of exactly the same paper, uses the same ink and has the same 14C amount as other common stamps of the Deutsche Reichspost during the war.

However, the motive it is depicting is puzzling the experts:

“It seems to be based on a common German stamp from WW2 but the depicted face is not, even though it resembles humanoid characteristics, recognizable at all.”

Is what they will later say in an interview with the local press.

This was sixty-five years ago and declared a curiositiy, as stamp collectors rejected the idea of it being a legitimate post stamp of any value. It got buried and forgotten in a collection in Maastricht (NL). Until this tuesday, when MMMRKT scout Miranda got her hands on it, sensing that she might have hit something there.

Coincidentally, while researching the history of a rare Pepe that was found in Theben during the summer of 2015, Miranda stumbled upon Stuckowskis letter, when asking a local collector about whether he had come across anything resembling her Egypt Pepe. He answered, that he was unsure if he had seen one that looked like hers but he felt reminded of something, that he had bought years ago.

You might have guessed it already. It was Stuckowskis letter, with the stamp on it, in a bundle of other items that he wanted to auction. Miranda sent a picture of the stamp to the MMMRKT HQ and it was clear that we had hit the jackpot.

We would not be the traders that we are, if we let a chance like this slip, so we sent Miranda to seal the deal in the auctionhouse winning us this remarkable Pepe, which is not just its value measured in BTC but also a part of our history.

We are proud to present to you, the first confirmed 3rd Reich Pepe:


And there is more. A few very important questions regarding this remarkable find are still open. Who is that guy using this extraordinary Pepe stamp in a time period that has never been linked to Pepe phenomena and what could he possibly write about?

While we do at least know that Stuckowski was a POW killed in the final days of the war, we know absolutely nothing about Mr. Francis D. Blumenthal. His name was compared to the local land registers of the time period but turned up no results.

We can only hope that the key to this mystery lies somewhere in the text Stuckowski wrote. The bad news is, that it is in German and we have not been able to properly translate it as of now.

Stay tuned,

Your MMMRKT Team


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