4D Pepe

Pepe, Rare


Condition: AA

Rarity: Rare

Price: 2.248 BTC


3 thoughts on “4D Pepe

  1. Tradesman here. Hi, i am the one and only rare pepe tradesman, I am well know in the pepe traiding business (especially on 4chan). You can tell who i am because I always start any post with “Tradesman here.”(if not upper case “T” and period at end, then its a fake!)

    I am here because really like your business and would like to discuss a new way of rating your pepes, I have been attempting to popularize one solid way of ranking pepes, by levels (lvl. For short). A standard pepe (sad frog, feels good man) would be a lvl.5, any pepe that is equal  to regular the pepe but has very little change (i.e. glasses, a hat, etc.) is 5, anything with more intricate changes added (i.e. color change, background, made to be a character) is a lvl.6 or 7, anything that takes editing to the pepe (like your 4D pepe) is 8, anything that is difficult to make and is made from scratch is 9 or 10 (like Peecasso gif)

    Anything that is worse quality than the regregular pepe is 4, anything that is drawn on paper badly then taken a picture of is 3 or 2, anything that is ment to be bad is 1

    Of coarse the rarity of the pepe, how easily it can be made, the effort of the art and other veriables would be put into deciding the pepes lvl.

    Sorry for the very long comment but i do take the pepe trading business seriously (maybe a little too seriously)

    Email me at
    pepe.tradesman@gmail.com if you want to discuss more.

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    1. Hello Mr. Wagner,

      First of all, we from the MMMRKT would like to congratulate you for pursuing the business of meme trading. We had one of our expert traders evaluate your rating system and found that it is remarkably sophisticated, allthough there is a factor you are currently neglecting, which is the dankness of the meme. Your system is purely based on stylistic aspects, while we at MMMRKT consider the current market environment and several other trend factors on top of that, to evaluate the rarity respectively the pricing of a meme (a process that includes serveral experts and many hours of work), which is reflected in our final categorization (Condition, Rarity, Price).
      Don’t be fooled by its simplicity as it is merely a desing choice of providing an accessible interface for trading memes, where we like to keep information short and simple for our customers.
      In that light we hope that you can still identify yourself with our platform as we hope to hear more of you soon. We are always glad to see meme traders using our service.
      For business inquiries feel free to contact us directly via the website.

      Sincerley yours,
      The MMMRKT Team


  2. tradesman here, totally the real tradesman i would liek 2 memes for my dieing mother she has terminal brain cancer and can only be cured by the memes. pls give me 10 or i will kill ur family


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