Monthly Meme Outlook


Fellow memetraders,

MMMRKT proudly presents you the monthly meme outlook for November.


The biggest loser:

Paul Blart Mallcop memes have declined in price since september. You haven’t seen us offering them because we are well aware of 568402_029the vaporwarey nature of newly trending memes and therefore always observe the market for a reasonable amount of time before buying in.

Our advice:

If you are one of the unlucky investors, sell your Mallcop memes for any price. There is, if at all, a negligible chance of recovery and as rumours have it, Kevin James is close to default.

The biggest winner:

QI0MlLVAn all-time classic, much like gold, and an ever so safe investment is feeling an upwards trend again. It is our beloved Gnomechild. We at MMMRKT are already keeping our eyes open for the latest Gnomechild memes because, like every classic, the demand for it always exists and cycles through different growth phases. Merges with other memes are likely to produce safe and profitable investment chances.

Our advice:

Grab them Gnomechild memes when you feel the price is right.


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