Report: Meme Trading – a global phenomenon


From the trollface to the current meme market, lie about seven years. Seven years of transforming our dreams into memes.

The implications of this statement are quite considerable. Seven years in a time, where humanity connects and shares thoughts as freely as never before, enabling the meme culture to grow exponentionally.

It therefore is not surprising, that the globalization of the meme market is not just a theory, but its effects can already be observed today. One, that most analysts agree on, is the drastic rise of competition in the meme-markets.

Against the backdrop of this development India has already started to include meme-trading classes in primary school, acknowledging the countries need of good meme traders in the future.

In the short term a price decline due to new competition might not look like a big deal, but we must not forget the mid to long term implications. Many men and women already struggle to feed a family by creating memes. These pepople will be affected the most and in the end, the meme economy is based on them.

We believe meme traders like us have the responsibility to share our wealth to give the hardworking memers a break and some time to enjoy the fruits of the rarest trade they help to create.


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