Report: Successfully trading at reddit


Our meme trader peepz over at the headquaters of MMMRKT are always considered about the quality of our offered products. Only the most refined wares will make it into our outlet.

Traders such as “serf21” from reddit frequent the MMMRKT to gain access to the most valuable memes the market has to offer.

In a recent mail he wrote us:

Guys, I really love your store, rarely have I seen such a beautiful collection of delicate memes.

He bought a Rare Tritium Pepe over the marketplace which he then sold for quite a profit over at /r/dankmemes.

Thanks to you I was able to sell a rare pepe for nearly 300 karma over at reddit, you rock! It really shows what quality wares you offer.

Ohne Titel 2

With the quality pepe from MMMRKT, “serf21” was not only able to earn 300 Reddit Karma™ but also achieved Rank 1 in his forum, easily displacing his rivals, who often did not even achieve close to 50 Reddit Karma.

Ohne Titel 23

It goes to show that to be a successfull meme trader you need to know where to get your wares from.

We would like to thank serf21 for the trust he has put in us and wish him the utmost success in his future trading carreer.

“Dont let your memes be dreams” – Pepe LaBaoeuf


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